sulfur coated urea fertilizer

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sulfur coated urea fertilizer


Urea Granules are repeatedly coated with a suspension of liquid sulfur to ensure the coating uniformity of each granular.

Sulfur Coated Urea(SCU)


Increase both yield and income.

Be able to match crop nutrients demand during the whole growth season. It can increase yield by 10%-40%.


High efficiency in saving Fertilizer.

Reduce nutrients loss and improve the use efficiency of fertilizers by more than 30%.


Time and labor saving.

Reduce application time and dosage, avoid the express absorption of nitrogen by crops, which plays an important role in suppressing disease and improve quality.


Eco-Environments protection.

Reduce pollution by leaching into the soil, groundwater, and air caused by fertilizer loss
Long release time.

Nutrients can be released in designing time, such as 2-12 months for different formulations

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Product Description

sulfur coated urea fertilizer

Urea 46% N bulk price Fertilizer grade Supply sample. The packing also can be according to the customers` requirements.

Usage of sulfur fe Urea:

1.Urea is a high concentration of sulfur coated urea fertilizer, is a neutral organic fertilizer, also can be used in the production of a variety of compound fertilizers.

2.urea is the raw material to produce (AdBlue / DEF ), which is a kind of liquid for reducing nitrogen oxide pollution in diesel vehicle emission.

3.Urea can be a lot of as melamine, formaldehyde resin, hydrazine hydrate,tetracycline, phthalein, monosodium glutamate and other products the production of raw materials.

4.For steel, stainless steel chemical polishing has whitening effect, used as a corrosion inhibitor in the metal pickling, also used in the preparation of the palladium activation fluid.


Specification of urea:


Parameter Unit Quantity
Total nitrogen wt % 46 min
Biuret content wt % 1% max
Formaldehyde (HCHO) wt % 0.45 min
Crushing strength kg 2 min
Moisture wt % 0.5 max
Particle size wt % 2-4 mm,90% min
> 4 mm,7% max


Parameter Unit Quantity
Total nitrogen wt % 46 min
Biuret content wt % ≤ 1
Moisture wt % ≤ 0.5
Particle size wt % 1-2.8 mm ,90% min

– regulated growth of vegetative mass
– increases the protein content of the grain
– the yield of crops increases
– easy to apply / assimilate plants
– stable form / fast solubility
– Used as an increase, as well as a means of combating pests
– plant protection against diseases (moniual burn, purplish spot, scab)
– the record of plant leaves in comparison with ammonia nitrate is less

Urea 46% Prills.
Seived Urea 46% We sieve and supply urea with a very narrow and precise particle size distribution.
Ammonium Nitrate
Ammonium sulfate, 
DAP Diammonium Phosphate
Ferrous Sulfate FeSO4 urea 46 N 

sulfur Coated Fer





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