Simmental cattle for sale

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Simmental cattle for sale

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Product Type: Livestock
Style: Alive
Type: Chicken
Certification: Health Certificate
Weight (kg): 600
Model Number: Cattle
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Simmental cattle for sale

Simmental cattle for sale operations are to offer each customer a complete genetic program along with support services. Our success is measured by the profitability of the commercial producers and purebred breeders who use Red Hill genetics. Our sale cattle have been selected to improve economically relevant traits in order to optimize the practicality and profitability for our commercial customers.

Probe 3.5 MHz Mechanical
Displayed Depth (mm) 60-190
Maximal detect depth (mm) ≥140
Resolution (mm) Lateral ≤4( depth ≤80) ≤5( 8≤depth ≤130)
Axial ≤2( depth ≤80)
Blind area (mm) ≤8
Geometric Horizontal ≤20
position Precision (%) Vertical ≤10
Monitor size(inch) 5.6 TFT-LCD
Display modes B, B+B, B+M, M
Gray scales 256 levels
Image multiplying factor *1.0,*1.2,*1.5,*2.0
Image storage 128-frame
Measuring functions Distance, circumference, area, heart rate, gestation age
Battery capacity 2200mAh

Simmental cattle for sale

Beckton Stock Farm has also provided very important herd-building genetics for the Red Hill program. In 2003, the first 3 Beckton females were purchased with M554, the dam of 84S, 49P, 54P, and 16R becoming the flagship cow for the Red Hill program. Several other Beckton females have been purchased with X072 now serving as a flush cow at Red Hill. In addition, Beckton Julian B571 semen has been used in developing a sound foundation for Red Hill. Thanks to Beckton for allowing us to use B571 and other important sites in the Red Hill program.

  • offering cattle documented as breed leaders for economically relevant traits
  • offering cattle that are phenotypically pleasing to the customer.

On March 18, 2006, we hosted our first annual Bull and Female sale at our farm. We offered both Red Angus bulls and yearling females.

 please be in the shutdown state, connect and remove the probe;
2, when connecting the probe, please align the card hole, gently insert, and then tighten the nut can be.

The TC-210 veterinary ultrasound scanner is used in livestock farms and animal clinics. The 3.5MHz mechanical fan sweep probe is suitable for pigs, sheep, and pets.


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