Regrined HDPE blue drum scrap

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Regrined HDPE blue drum scrap

Regrined HDPE blue drum scrap

Best HDPE blue drum regrind supplier

Usage Granuals
Pack Type 50 kgs bag
Color Blue red yellow green white grey etc
Pack Size 50 kgs bah
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Product Description

Regrined HDPE blue drum scrap

We are wholesaler dealers of Regrined HDPE blue drum scrap. Adding to that We grind HDPE plastic, scraps and sell them domestically and Internationally. Furthermore, We can separate the regrind by color if you want that. Below are some of our HDPE regrind.

are source raw materials from reliable suppliers, with the consistency of both the product quality and limited thermal history. This ensures uniformity of flow properties as well as minimizes chances of dust. Online ( virgin pp granules have a high melting point, which makes it suitable for hot-fill liquids.

Moreover, They are ground from crates, barrels, buckets, lids, pipes, plates, bottles and others.

Best Regrined HDPE blue drum scrap price

HDPE drum regrind available. All clean. Price varies with Quantity Demanded US$150.00 – US$200.00 / Ton Negotiable 

Quantity Price Payment Shipment
80 MT 770 USD Others Ocean

Delivery Within to 3-7 Working days

Quantity Price Payment Shipment
150 MT 500 USD T/T Ocean

we are Unique HDPE blue drum regrind supplier Worldwide 

The Well-known outstanding properties of Virgin PP Granules are:
  • Lightweight.
  • High-temperature resistance.
  • Good chemical resistance.
  • Excellent rigidity.
  • No stress cracking.
  • High tensile strength.
  • Excellent flexural strength.
  • Low creep.
The Application Of The Product                                                                                               
  • Ketchup bottles
  • Caps for containers
  • Medicine bottles
  • Wrapping to replace cellophane
  • Chairs car bumpers
  • Syrup bottles
  • Automobile battery casings

The Specification Of The Product

Project Quality Index Test Method
 Elongation at break,% 10 ISO 527
Tensile strength, MPa 34 ISO 527
Rockwell hardness, 101 ASTM D785
Density, kg/m3 900 ISO1183
Heat distortion temperature, °C 95  ISO 75/B
Melt Flow Rate, g/10min 12   ISO1133
Izod impact strength, KJ / m² 4.6  ISO 180/1A
  • The narrow range of molecular weight done.
  • The exclusive material of M.SUR-1500 polypropylene melt-blown is base on the inside of the extrusive content of the polypropene granules using the control style to increase fluidity.
  • Stable melt mass flow rate and low ash content, the large spinning cycle will effectively influence the production of the granules and greater lasting time for preservation.


    Pack Size 25 Kg
    Pack Type Bag
    Density 0.920-0.922 g/cm3


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