Kiln Dried Hornbeam firewood

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Kiln Dried Hornbeam firewood

Sizes of net bags

20ltr – 45x60cm
40ltr – 50x70cm
Firewood is packed into 1m3 or 2m3 pallet/crate, all firewood is stacked by hand and inspected, moisture content is below 20%. Birch firewood is perfect for open fires and BBQ or burning in stoves.

People in Baltics are used to heat their homes with firewood, so they started to produce firewood made for export.

It is locally sourced wood, kiln dried, inspected and packed for export and sales in supermarkets, gas stations or garden centres.

All our logs and bags are kiln dried and NOT MIXED with any softwood or other type of wood. You get what you ordered – we care about quality and client’s business.

Energy Heat Output – 4,23kWh/kg
Approximate weight 10kg
Bags filled as full as possible
Possible to make mixed container with other products
Customized packaging and labeling

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Product Description

Kiln Dried Hornbeam firewood

The best hardwood, Kiln Dried Hornbeam firewood to perfection and hand packed in our regular size crate. The Single Deck Pallet can generally be a half winter’s supply for an average user and holds approximately 40 x DIY stores’ handy nets of firewood.

Claimed by many to be the “King of Firewood”, Ash naturally has a low moisture content. Kiln Dried to provide you with a steady burn rate and consistent heat for your home, making it a very robust and convenient hardwood in Ireland. At Trading Energy we specialize in species of ash that is guara.

OUR TIP. Ash logs make an excellent wood fuel but mix it with Oak for an extended burning time.

DID YOU KNOW? The hand stacked Single Deck Pallet can hold up to 40% more firewood than lose packed. That’s almost two “builders bags” of wood in Single Deck Pallet.

NOTABLE FACTS. 350,000 Hurleys of Ash trees are now made every year in Ireland.

Kiln Dried Hornbeam firewood

Product Information

Product Must Be Stored In A Dry Place

Kiln Dried Hornbeam firewood
Net Weight 400KG
Moisture Level Below 15%
Log Length 25cm, Diameter 7cm – 14cm
Pallet Dimensions 0.92m x 1.15m x 1.05m (Internal Volume 0.9 m3)
Hand Stacked in Wooden Crate

Recommended Use

Multi-Fuel Stoves
Wood Burning Stoves
Open Fires


Love it all. Love the packaging. Wood no moisture. Burns beautifully. Love the wax fire starters. Love the quantity, always enough for the fire place.

Superb…ordered on Monday.Got a call to say ther order will be delivered on Tuesday between 07.30 and 08.30am…they arrived on the nose of 07.30am and just looking at the logs you know you have quality already. Will have no reservations ordering again. Well done to all concerned for providing a super service thanks.


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