beech wood pellets for pizza oven

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beech wood pellets for pizza oven

beech wood pellets for pizza oven

1.Beech Wood Pellet use of 100% Wood Chip/Sawdust.

Beech Wood Pellet is renewable and less harm to our environment. It doesn’t add more carbon dioxide. Beech Wood Pellet is an important source of energy worldwide after coal, oil and natural gas.


Product Description

beech wood pellets for pizza oven

Beech wood pellet basket for pizza is a small metal basket that sits inside a woodstove or fireplace and holds wood pellets. They allow a person to heat their home using existing stoves or fireplaces, thus eliminating the need for electric and natural gas. Pellet baskets are lower-cost alternatives to pellet stoves. beech wood pellet for sale. We sell a specific heating pellet, a premium one

-BSL accredited

-Made from 100% pure pine, NO bark and NO recycled wood

-Low organic ash content 0.4% which proves premium quality. Less boiler maintenance

-Moisture content of 5.51%, the lower the moisture the more heat produced

-Calorific value 4618 Kcal/Kg

-High BTU rating giving improved efficiency

-Low dust

beech wood pellets for pizza oven

CO2 neutral: The EPA has designated wood pellet stoves to be CO2 neutral and for good reason. Although a pellet stove produces CO2, the product came from a tree that lived on and used CO2 its entire life while providing O2 (oxygen) as a by-product. So, unlike coal, oil, and gas, which create a lot of CO2 but never use any, a wood pellet is neutral – the same amount of CO2 used as produced.

Low carbon: Given that CO2 emissions from burning fossil fuels are the prime suspect of man-made climate change, every business and household can make a contribution by switching away from oil, LPG, or gas.

Pellet stoves are similar to traditional wood burning stoves, with the difference being the fuel. A traditional wood burning stove will burn split logs, while a pellet stove uses thousands of tiny wood pellets as fuel.

The CO2 released when burning wood pellets is the exact amount of CO2 absorbed by the tree while growing. Fossil fuels are net CO2 contributors when they are burnt as there is no mechanism to trap the emitted CO2


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