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F-Trading Sprl - A Leading Name In The Industry

F-Trading Sprl is a leading trading company. We have been trading goods for a long time. Our goal is to serve the recycling industry with extensive experience in this particular field. We have diversified our product portfolio from scrap metals, Best GPUs for mining, Bitcoin miner Machine to many other commodities.

We pride ourselves on our honesty, integrity, and attention to detail. Our rewarding experiences have enabled us to make our clients happy and satisfied. With a global presence and a strong network, we are able to cater to our clients’ growing demands.

We always focus on creating and maintaining a long-term business relationship with our suppliers and clients. Our professionals strive to create sustainable values for our customers, suppliers, employees, and business partners.

We aim to make each and every customer happy and satisfied. That’s why we are committed to providing the best quality products at the most competitive prices. Also, we offer timely delivery.

As a leading trading company, we understand that companies within the FMCG industry face many challenges. However, the internet has allowed companies to deliver a personalized experience to their consumers. It also allows companies to track usage. To stay ahead of their competitors, it’s important for companies to continuously seek to improve their services.

We can help you with everything, from developing efficient manufacturing processes to creating smart packaging solutions. Please feel free to contact us to know more about our services.


Our mission is to create values for our clients and partners. We strive to earn the trust of our clients and partners through skilled sourcing, management, and transport of a wide variety of agri-commerce goods.


Our vision is to maintain a reputation as a leader in the industry. We create solutions in business processes that deliver reliability. We achieve our vision through the economy of motions through the supply chain to move commodities from the source to their destination.


Our goal is to supply high-quality products at competitive prices. We make every effort to meet the strict requirements of our customers. We achieve this through stable and close cooperation with reputable distributors and manufacturers.


Customer satisfaction is our prime concern. We always strive to make sure that our products meet the standard requirements of our clients at all points in time, with regards to quality and quantity.

Our dedicated professionals work day and night to meet perfection and make the entire process a smooth and hassle-free experience for our clients.

We want to make each and every client happy and satisfied by providing superior quality products and excellent customer services.

Technological Advancement

We strive to develop a strong infrastructure and improve company processes.

We source, manage, and supply products through our end-to-end supply chain. We use our years of experience in the industry and keen market sense to supply goods through the agricultural industry efficiently.

Our Core Values

Customer satisfaction is something we take very seriously. We pride ourselves on our honesty and attention to detail. The core values of our company include:


We always act with honesty, fairness, and integrity. This is what makes us a trusted name in the industry.

Excellence Service

We strive to make our customers happy and satisfied by providing excellent customer services that surpass their expectations.


We take the safety of our people, the environment, and property very seriously.

Featured Products

Here are some of our top products you might be interested in:

Chamex Copy Paper A4

Chamex Copy Paper A4

Disposable Latex Examination gloves

Disposable Latex Examination gloves

NPK compound Granular fertilizer

NPK compound Granular fertilizer

Purell Hand sanitizing Gel

Purell Hand sanitizing Gel


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Products and commodities we are dealing

  •   Pine Wood Pellet
  •   Oak Wood Pellet
  •   Acacia Wood pellet
  •   Spruce Wood Pellet
  •   Beech Wood Pellet
  •   Wood Chips
  •   Wood Shaving
  •   Wood Logs
  •   Wood Briquettes
  •   Pini Kay wood Briquettes
  •   Ruf Pini Kay Briquettes
  •   Sawdust
  •   Sawdust Briquettes
  •   Kiln Dried Beech firewood
  •   Kiln Dried Birch firewood
  •   Kiln Dried Oak firewood
  •   Kiln Dried Alder firewood
  •   Kiln Dried Ash firewood
  •   Kiln Dried Hornbeam firewood
  •   Kiln Dried Spruce firewood
  •   Hardwood Charcoal
  •   Shisha Charcoal
  •   Coconut Shell Charcoal
  •   Orange Charcoal
  •   Lemon Charcoal
  •   Mangrove Charcoal
  •   Briquettes Charcoal
  •   Hexagonal Charcoal
  •   NPK Water Soluble Fertilizer 13-13-13
  •   NPK compound Granular fertilizer 30-9-9
  •   NPK Liquid Bloom Fertilizer
  •   Urea N 46% prilled
  •   Sulfur Coated Urea
  •   Urea 46 Granular Fertilizer
  •   Simmental Cattle
  •   Holstein Friesian cattle
  •   Boer Goat
  •   Saanen Goat
  •   Copper Millberry Scrap
  •   Copper Wire Scrap
  •   Copper Cathode
  •   Copper Ore
  •   Copper Ingot
  •   A/C and Fridge Compressor Scraps
  •   Aluminum can Scrap
  •   Aluminum UBC Scrap
  •   Aluminum Wheel Scrap
  •   Aluminum Engine Block
  •   Aluminum Tin Can Scrap
  •   Aluminum Ingot, Aluminum Ore
  •   Lead Battery Scrap
  •   Lead Ingot
  •   Lead Ore
  •   Computer Scrap
  •   Mobile Phone Scrap
  •   Iron Scrap,HMS 1 Scrap
  •   HMS 2 Scrap
  •   HMS 1& 2 Scrap
  •   Used Rail Scrap
  •   Cast Iron Scrap
  •   Steel Scrap
  •   Rigid PVC White Scrap
  •   PVC Window Profile Scrap
  •   Soft PVC From Medical Tubes & Bag
  •   Healthcare PVC Scrap
  •   Windows plastic PVC
  •   PVC Pipe Post Industrial Regrind
  •   PVC Tarpaulin Big Pieces
  •   PVC Resin Suspension K 65-67
  •   Drum Scrap HDPE
  •   Regrined HDPE blue drum scrap
  •   Recycled HDPE Granules
  •   HDPE virgin granules
  •   HDPE flakes
  •   HDPE Blue drum flakes
  •   HDPE film grade
  •   Recycled LDPE Granules
  •   Waste Paper
  •   Double A4 Copy Paper
  •   IK Plus Multi Purpose Copy Paper A4
  •   Chamex Copy Paper A4
  •   Copy Laser Paper A4
  •   Mondi Rotatrim Copy Paper
  •   PaperOne Copy paper A4
  •   Xerox multipurpose Copy Paper A4
  •   Exercise Book
  •   Fully refined paraffin wax
  •   Semi refined paraffin wax
  •   Palm Wax
  •   Bee Wax
  •   Soap Noodles
  •   Alfalfa Hay
  •   Timothy Hay
  •   Bermuda
  •   Orchard Grass
  •   Oat Hay
  •   Forage Hay
  •   Straw
  •   Plastic foam Scrap
  •   Polyurethane Foam Scrap
  •   PU Foam Scrap
  •   PVC Window Profile Scrap
  •   PVC Pipe Scrap
  •   VC Regrind
  •   PVC Credit Card Scrap
  •   PP scrap
  •   pp granules
  •   pp regrind
  •   EPS Scrap
  •   EPS Block
  •   EPA Scrap
  •   Foam Scrap
  •   Pet Bottle Scrap
  •   Pet Flakes
  •   CD Scrap
  •   Silicon Rubber Scrap
  •   PA Scrap
  •   HDPE Granules
  •   LDPE Granules
About Us

Welcome to F-Trading Sprl We earned our trusted reputation by delivering excellence and always honoring our commitments with clients and the many facets of our supply chain.

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